The Ministry of Finance there are two new Department

The Ministry of Finance of the Department of revenue and state regulation in the sphere of precious metals, precious stones and currency control, to information on the Ministry’s website. The total number of departments increased from 19 to 21.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance said that the changes are connected with increase in load. In January, President Vladimir Putin gave the Ministry of Finance the management of the Federal customs service and Federal service for alcohol market regulation. Subordinated to the Ministry of Finance FNS became the sole administrator of insurance premiums. “Some directions are amplified. There is a redistribution of the load: some of the lines are strengthened, others became more compact. More attention will be paid to income, administration”, — said assistant Finance Minister Svetlana Nikitina. According to her, the emergence of new departments will not entail increase in the staff of the Ministry.

The Department of revenue will strengthen the administration and analysis of revenue sources, led by his former Deputy Director of the Department of strategic planning Elena Lebedinskaya. Chapter second of the new Department is not already selected.

The Finance Ministry wants to revise the regulation in the sphere of currency control. In 2016, the Ministry will conduct a full audit of the system of currency regulation and control, said today the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. “The main task: to obstruct illegal operations and to simplify legal, including entries for which there are no questions from tax authorities”, — explained the Minister (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Earlier, Deputy Finance Minister Yury Zubarev said that the company needs to get rid of excess currency control to the control was focused on the suppression of the shadow of threads on the suppression of unlawful withdrawal of money, but did not limit normal business practice”.

For changes in the Ministry of Finance might have a tendency to centralize decision-making in the financial sector, suggests the head of the Department of state regulation of economy, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa Vladimir Klimanov. The next step should be the transition [to the Treasury] control over the revenues of state extra-budgetary funds. “If that happens, then full centralization the formation of the revenue part of the budget will be there,” — said the expert.

Renamed and changed chiefs

In addition to creating two new departments, the Ministry has left the head of budget policy Department Ilya Sokolov head of budget policy Department in the sphere of innovations, industry, civil use, energy, communications and public-private partnerships Valery Isaev. Departments renamed themselves: the first was the Department of legal regulation of budgetary relations, the second a Department of project financing and investment policy. Successor Sokolov is not yet known. And the project Finance Department will be headed by Dmitry Karabanov, who worked in the Department as Deputy Director.

The Department of budget policy in the sphere of transport, road economy, natural resources and agriculture changed its name to the shorter — the Department of budget policy in economy branches. And the Department’s long-term strategic planning was renamed the Department of budget policy and strategic planning.