The state Duma has deprived of the mandate of the Deputy Ponomareva

The state Duma has voted for deprivation of the mandate of the Deputy Ilya Ponomarev. For the decision was given to 413 votes against three.

The decision without discussion

The discussion of revocation of authority Ponomariov lasted 13 minutes. Mr. speaker, the Chairman of the Commission on questions of Deputy ethics Viktor Zavarzin said that Ponomarev was not present neither in the plenary nor in the meetings of your Committee, or in the region.

“Visually it was not personally present and card not voted,” concluded Zavarzin. Opposition lawmaker Dmitry Gudkov has demanded to suspend the meeting of the state Duma, because there were only 123 deputies. “When we talk about deprivation of the mandate for absenteeism, and the total is 123 deputies from the 450, it looks like a farce”, — asked Gudkov. Vice-speaker Sergei Zheleznyak suggested it in response to count the number of deputies to the hour of voting and not during debate.

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has read the record Ponomarev, stating that he only worked for a foreign company and “it’s spying activities against Russia.” “We bid you farewell forever, but your image will still be with us and to spoil our mood. Yesterday you had dinner as a Deputy of the state Duma, now you Wake up and you’re not a member, to congratulate you,” the gloating Zhirinovsky.

The Deputy Chairman of the faction of the just Russia Mikhail Yemelyanov said only that his group has long sought the adoption of the law about deprivation of mandates for truancy and was pleased with the decision on Ponomarev. After the discussion the floor was taken by the United Russia Valery Yakushev. “Why are we late to raise this issue? We are still in 2013, demanded to solve it. Why this idiot forwarded money, we’re orphans!” — was indignant the Deputy.

Questions Zavarzina MPs to ask could not, so decided on the eve of the Duma Council. The decision was made to avoid the scandals in the discussion, said two companion guides factions of the Communist party and “Fair Russia”.

The Communist faction voted for deprivation of the mandate, despite the fact that he voted against adoption of the respective law, considering it unconstitutional. At yesterday’s session of fraction of Communists has a bit of an argument about it. The Communists unanimously condemned Ponomarev for his stance on Crimea (MP voted against joining the Peninsula to Russia), calling him a “bastard”. However, the Deputy Chairman of the faction Mykola kolomeytsev was trying to convince comrades that launched the procedure of deprivation of mandates, they will open a “Pandora’s box” and the “United Russia” will continue to expel from the Duma of anyone, for example, the Deputy-Communist Vladimir Bessonov (he is deprived of immunity after the initiation of criminal proceedings for an inconsistent rally).

Appeal of the decision

The Deputy can appeal against the decision of the state Duma in the Supreme court: the whole of may it card “voted”, celebrated on the eve of the member of the Commission on parliamentary ethics Nikolai Sapozhnikov. Protection Ponomarev has already prepared the complaint, said his lawyer Maria bast. According to her, as soon as the Duma passes a resolution, it will forward the documents to the court. “For failure to appear in the Duma needed a good reason. As we point out illegal criminal prosecution. In addition, we note that all this time Dmitry Gudkov voted his card by proxy” — said the lawyer. Ponomariov could not physically be present in the state Duma because of absentee arrest, said bast.

Deprivation of the mandate Ponomariov became the first case of application of the new law on deprivation of powers of a Deputy over a 30-day truancy. The bill was introduced by representatives “Fair Russia” and entered into force in early may. The deputies of the sixth convocation was deprived of the mandate of the Deputy of the other, Eser Gennady Gudkov, but using a different procedure. Law enforcement officers accused Gudkov of engaging in commercial activities that MPs are prohibited by law. With them agreed the Duma Commission on control over information about income. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika has sent to the state Duma a request for early termination of powers of the lower house and the Parliament decided the question by voting.

The whole procedure took a week. On Monday, the faction “Fair Russia” has directed to the Commission on Deputy ethics of the request to terminate the powers of the SRS Ponomarev and Alexei Mitrofanov. On Wednesday, the Commission recommended to deprive of the mandate Ponomareva. Mitrofanov is still in the Duma: representatives of the Commission stated that it had received documents about the state of his health, which will be explored further. He sent three telegrams from Croatia that can’t drive a car, fly a plane, told a member of the Commission shoemakers.

Ponomarev is a defendant in a criminal case on embezzlement of funds of SKOLKOVO, he is charged with complicity in the embezzlement. In April 2015, the state Duma deprived him of his immunity, after which he left Russia.