Yevgeny Kiselyov has declared excitation of criminal case against him in Russia

Russian broadcaster Yevgeny Kiselyov, working since 2008 in Ukraine, wrote an open letter to the President of the country Petro Poroshenko, which said that the Federal security service of Russia, according to him, brought a criminal case against him in connection with his statements in support of Nadiya Savchenko in the Ukrainian media. The letter was published by the Ukrainian edition of “New time”.

Kiselev said that he had learned about the criminal case recently. “There are already cases where people are prosecuted for only a comment in Facebook, or even a simple repost some critical notes. I know this firsthand. Just recently I found out that the FSB started a criminal case against me in connection with my remarks in support of Hope Savchenko — Ukrainian, mind, the media,” Kiselyov wrote.

The presenter at the same time he doesn’t know what article of the Criminal case against him could open a criminal case in Russia. “I was accused of either extremist, or terrorist activities,” — he wrote in an open letter to Poroshenko. “All the details of the case are still unknown to me”, he added.

According to Kiselyov, in the apartment of his mother-in-law was “demonstrably rigidly searched. “The FSB is already hard psychological pressure against my relatives,” he says. According to him, he decided to write an open letter to Poroshenko, due to the fact that “maximum public disclosure” could become a TV presenter “is hardly the most effective way to protect”.

Kiselev also noted that he feels relatively safe in Kiev, however, does not exclude the possibility that Russian special services may try to kidnap him “right here in broad daylight”. “So if suddenly found that I somehow ended up in Russia, something I confess voluntarily, for something to repent and so on — know that it is a KGB hoax, in which I participate against their will,” — said Kiselev.