In the United States pondered the manufacture of Kalashnikov analogue

As the Washington Post reported a request for production of “unconventional weapons” (i.e. not used by NATO countries) on Federal government contracts filed by the special operations command of the US army (SOCOM). According to his representative, Matt Allen, we are talking about the weapons “used by foreign partners”.

In particular the Americans were interested in the Kalashnikov assault rifle, sniper rifle Dragunov (SVD), and heavy machine guns.

To produce analogues of Russian small arms is including sending it abroad. The publication indicates that at present, the Afghan and Iraqi troops and Syrian rebels receive from the United States American weapons and Washington’s fear that it will fall into the hands of the enemy.

In addition to Afghans, Iraqis and Syrians is easier to apply it with Russian small arms, since they have experience of its application.

The newspaper notes that to buy Kalashnikovs abroad will still be cheaper than producing it in the United States. Moreover, the versions of these weapons are manufactured in various countries around the world.