Kerry recalled the common interests of the peoples of Russia and the United States

The head of the U.S. Department of state John Kerry made a statement on behalf of President Barack Obama and the American people in which he congratulated Russian citizens on Russia Day.

“This event marks the date in 1990 when the Parliament declared the sovereignty of Russia as an independent Republic. This turning point serves as a reminder of the belief shared by the Russian and American people. It lies in the fact that the government is the best way to respect the rights of all our citizens,” — said in a statement Kerry posted on the website of the US state Department.

The Secretary of state also stressed that the peoples of Russia and the U.S. share the “spirit of innovation, which became the inspiration for major scientific advances throughout our history.” According to him, this is manifested in the joint efforts of Russia and the United States to study the cosmos.

“On this special day, I convey my best wishes to the Russian people, and hope for the future prosperity, peace and freedom in freedom in both,” concluded Kerry.