The author of the film ARD told his version of the conflict with the journalist of VGTRK

The journalist of the German TV channel ARD, Hyo Seppelt, who directed a series of films about doping in Russian sport, presented his version of the conflict with the VGTRK correspondent Olga Skobeeva, the results of which he told Russian reporters from your room. About the incident, the German journalist said in an interview with “Rain”.

According to Seppelt first interview went fine, but later Skobeeva “started to ask really weird questions.” “And with every question I clearly understood that this is not an interview, this is not a provocation,” said Seppelt.

The journalist also noted that the VGTRK correspondent was asked to provide proof of facts mentioned in the first film ARD on doping. “I explained to her that I can’t do that, because I’m here in a hotel room in Cologne, and my office is far away, and I don’t have all the evidence, I can’t help her”, — he explained.

Dissatisfaction with the German reporter also was the fact that two operators VGTRK filmed part of his private rooms. “And the farther, the more it seemed to me that it’s not about the interview not about the movie, and personally about me,” he said.

Seppelt, according to him, Skobeevo asked to leave and repeated it five to ten times”, to which she did not react. Then the reporter said that he will make things the crew, after which the journalist VGTRK stood before the door and refused to go anywhere. “She was just standing there and I asked her: step out of the room. She didn’t move, so I pushed her to the exit”, he said.

Farther between Kabaevoy Sepelcom and held a dialogue that was shown in the story of VGTRK. Skobeeva said: “This [the issue of doping] is extremely important to us — we may not go to the Olympic games”. “That’s it, and not you — you are irrelevant to athletes. What are you, the other athletes?” asked Seppelt. “I’m trying to be a friend of their country,” she said. “Why? You don’t have to be a friend to your country,” responded Seppelt. He explained that she was a “journalist and should be independent” (VGTRK).

Seppelt, in an interview with “Rain” expressed the opinion that at the time Skobeeva just wanted to engage him in conversation. “I didn’t realize that at this time they never stopped shooting and kept shooting all over my room”, he added.

After leaving the rooms Seppelt Russian journalists, according to him, has not left the building and stood in front of his room. He threatened to call the police. After a while the RTR employees left the hotel, and Seppelt picked up a windscreen from the microphone, so he had proof of the incident.

While the plot of VGTRK Kabaeva claimed that the room left her things. According to her, Seppelt back in half an hour “pursued” the members of the crew when they’re out on the street.

Seppelt, in an interview with “Rain” stressed that conducts investigations on doping not only in Russia but also worldwide. “In the case of Russia, a huge problem is that in 2014 we shot the film ahead of the Olympics in Sochi”, — he said. Seppelt has complained that the Russian authorities tried to avoid attempts by Western journalists to get more information.” To the question about the political background of his investigations, he stressed that never came under anyone’s influence upon their conduct. “I’m just your investigation quite regardless of what country it is. I am not responsible for the fact that perhaps some third party uses the results of my research in their interests,” he said. The problem with doping Seppelt called “global”, but in Russia it is, in his opinion, “more ambitious than in most other countries.”

In the latter film Seppelt, among other things, contained accusations against the Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko. In the story mentioned that he was involved in the concealment of a positive doping test the player of FC “Krasnodar”. Mutko said in response: “I can refer thousands of people. How can I help to hide — he can destroy? This is funny stuff, it’s inconclusive.”