Sweden has recognized the error in the history of the “foreign submarine in its waters

Sound, adopted in 2014, as the signal coming from a foreign submarine, actually came from “a Swedish facility,” said on Saturday the radio station Sveriges Radio.

In October 2014, the Ministry of defence of Sweden left the forces to search waters in the Stockholm archipelago for “foreign submarine”. Later, in November of the same year, the head of the Ministry of defense Peter hultqvist at the briefing assured that the shores of the country in October 2014 was a foreign submarine, and that the Armed forces there is “clear evidence”.

On Saturday, Hultquist commented live on Sveriges Radio information about what the signal actually was coming from the buffet object. In this regard, he recalled that in September 2015, the General staff was notified of the insolvency of the “proofs” mentioned originally.

On the question of why the same information was published that a signal was coming not really from a foreign submarine, and from the buffet object, Hultquist referred to the confidentiality of the information. “This is the case, which is the responsibility of the Armed forces. In addition, this privacy that I have to take into account,” he said.