Experts predicted the fall of the pound to 30-year low in the event of Brexit

The minimum rate of the pound sterling over the last seven years was recorded in February, after the announcement of a referendum on UK membership in the European Union. When the British currency was worth $ 1,38. However, experts believe that this figure is not limiting in the event of withdrawal from the EU.

Surveyed by Bloomberg economists believe that if the people of the United Kingdom will vote “against” the pound could fall below $1,35, which would be the lowest figure for the last 30 years. However, they do not expect serious growth of course in the case that the UK will remain in the EU. In this case, the pound will rise to $1,50.

Currently, the pound against the dollar is 1.41, which is the lowest level over the last two months. The British currency dropped for the last four trading session as the catalyst for this was the publication of the data of sociological surveys, which indicate that supporters of a British exit from the EU outnumber those who favor maintaining the current state of Affairs.

Last week Bloomberg, citing the results of stress tests conducted by the company Axioma Inc published the results of stress tests that predicted the fall of the European stock market by 24% in the case of a British exit from the EU.

“There is an assumption that Brexit won’t happen. If this happens, no one is mentally prepared for it,” said one of the study’s authors, Philip Jacob. “(In this case) we will see serious progress in the market,” he said.

A referendum on the question of maintaining the UK’s EU membership will be held on June 23.