In Russia began to operate a new minimum price for vodka

Monday, June 13, in Russia came into force the decision of the Ministry of Finance to increase the minimum prices for vodka. Now the minimum retail price of a bottle of vodka of 0,5 l is 190 rubles., previously, the figure was 185 RUB.

The minimum price of vodka in bottles from 0,375 to 0,5 l is equal to the price of half-liter bottles.

Earlier, a proposal to increase the minimum price of vodka for $ 5 by the Federal service for alcohol market regulation

Minimum prices for vodka in Russia are set by the state in 2009. Two years ago, the minimum retail price of half-liter bottle of vodka was raised to 199 RUB first, and then to 220 rubles.

In February last year the minimum retail price of vodka was reduced to 185 rubles. the decision was made after President Vladimir Putin at the state Council meeting. He then stated that high alcohol prices lead to increased consumption of surrogates.