The European Parliament called for the lifting of sanctions with the heads of special services of Russia

A group of deputies of the European Parliament called for the lifting of the sanctions against the leaders of the Russian special services in order to improve the cooperation between the EU and Russia to combat terrorism. Corresponding letter published on the website of the newspaper The Independent.

According to deputies, Russia — thanks to its position in Syria — has access to valuable information about the ISIL [the organization’s activities are banned in Russia. — note]”. “We may not agree on all matters and to impose painful sanctions. But there are goals and interests that require us to overcome the desire to punish. Take, for example, Israel: the government of Benjamin Netanyahu decided to improve ties with Russia to enhance national security, while Moscow is working closely with Iran, a major and powerful enemy of Israel in the region,” the letter says.

While it is indicated that the sanctions imposed against heads of the FSB and foreign intelligence Service Alexander Bortnikov and Mikhail Fradkov.

“How can we explain that these sanctions — in our own interests, the interests of Europeans when you know the possible consequences, which may result in the termination or weakening of the exchange of information between countries?” — asking the deputies. They emphasize that the attacks in Paris and Brussels “bitterly reminded us that cooperation is far from being optimal. “If we continue to weaken cooperation with Russia in this area, we continue to put our citizens in danger”, — stated in the letter.

“Geo-economic war, which takes place between Russia and the EU, should not stand in the way of the fight against terrorism,” also emphasize the deputies, calling to “revive cooperation in the field of security.”

The letter was signed by 12 members, 10 of them were representatives of the European people’s party, which EUroobserver calls “conservative.”