The increase in arms purchases by Riyadh led to a surge in the global arms market

The volume of global arms market in 2015 rose to $65 billion, more than 10% higher than the value of 2014, reports Bloomberg, citing a report from IHS Global Defence Trade Report.

According to the company Englewood, is the largest annual growth in the global arms market over the past ten years. It occurred after a sharp increase in purchases by Saudi Arabia. The volume of import of arms to Riyadh in 2015 jumped by 50%, to $9.3 billion, the Kingdom ranked first in the world in terms of arms imports. Additionally, the demand for weapons has increased in most countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

To increase the imports of arms to Saudi Arabia led operation is headed by her coalition in Yemen against the Kingdom’s regional rival Iran. Last year Riyadh carried out the purchase of F-15 fighters, Apache helicopters and precision-guided weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles and surveillance equipment, the report by IHS Global Defence Trade Report.

The second place in terms of arms imports is India, the second and third line — India and Australia.

Egypt ranked fourth in the world in terms of arms imports, spending on the purchase of arms for almost $ 2.3 billion in 2015, according to the report. Until 2013, the country spent on weapons purchases about $1 billion a year.

According to the forecast of IHS, in the next three years in connection with the instability of oil prices, the countries-exporters of oil will have to reduce purchases of weapons. “Countries will spend less on weapons and more on the action, trying to influence events in the region,” the report said.

The authors of the report also forecast increase of Russia, which is now an exporter of arms No. 2 in the world after the United States, trade with Iran. Tehran after the easing of Western sanctions began upgrading its air force. This is a large undertaking, which can cost anywhere from $40 billion to $60 billion, the report said IHS.

The largest arms exporter by the end of 2015, is the United States putting weapons and equipment by nearly $ 23 billion, of which goods worth $8.8 billion was sent to the middle East. Sales of American arms increased due to sales of aircraft and related systems.

“In the future, the total amount may exceed $30 billion, because the supply [of fighters] F-35 starts to increase,” the report says.