The media learned about the readiness Merkel to make concessions to Erdogan.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to make concessions to Turkey and to provide visa-free 75 million people, despite the refusal of Turkish President Recep Erdogan to accept a key condition of the EU, writes The Telegraph with reference to appeared in a publication of the diplomatic reports of the British Ambassador in Berlin, Sebastian wood.

The message wood, quoted by The Telegraph, States that in the administration of German Chancellor ready to go for “compromise language” on terrorism legislation, the tightening of which Ankara was called one of the conditions for lifting the visa regime for Turkey.

“Despite the tough external position, there are hints that suggest that, at least, the Germans will compromise to preserve the agreement between the EU and Turkey”, — stated in the message of a diplomat.

Wood also notes that Angela Merkel started to describe the situation from a humanitarian point of view, pointing out that since the inception of the agreement sank only nine people, “to pre-empt the opposition of human rights”.

“High-ranking officials here behind the scenes have begun to show some interest in the possible compromise language in the anti-terrorist law”, — stated in the message of the Ambassador.

While wood believes that Germany will be able to “contain” the Turkey, until Oct. Erdogan, in his words, does not want to aggravate the situation on the eve of a British referendum.

However, other diplomatic posts belonging to the British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore, more pessimistic, according to The Telegraph.

“If the simplification of the visa regime will not happen, impatient and short-tempered Erdogan is likely to stand and fight when considers herself a “devotee” — can fulfill their promise and “open the door” for migrants in Europe”, — stated in the message of Moore.

Commenting on this information The Telegraph, the UK foreign office said that “the purpose of diplomatic messages from embassies around the world is the feedback on the views of foreign governments. It is the reports of our diplomatic missions and not an official statement of the British government.”

In early may, the European Commission suggested the European Parliament and the EU Council to lift visa regime with Turkey. This step was discussed in the framework of the deal by Brussels and Ankara to resolve the migration crisis. For the abolition of the visa restrictions, the Turkish authorities have until the end of June to fulfill the remaining five of the 72 points of the “road map”.

However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will not make changes to anti-terrorism legislation needed to meet the criteria of the agreement with the European Union on the abolition of visas.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she will support the introduction of a visa-free regime, if Turkey fulfills the condition for the return of illegal migrants. However, she stressed that the issue of Turkey’s admission to the European Union “is not on the agenda”.