Trump urged Obama to resign after the shooting in Orlando

Contender for nomination as the candidate from Republican party on presidential elections in the US, Donald trump urged the leader of the country Barack Obama to resign after the shooting in a gay club in Orlando. The corresponding statement published on the website of trump.

“In his speech today, President Obama shamefully refused to even say the words “radical Islam”. For this reason alone he should resign,” said the billionaire, adding that Hillary Clinton must also withdraw from the presidential race, if not utter the words “radical Islam”

Previously say the phrase “radical Islam” or “disgrace to resign,” trump called Obama on his Twitter.

He also noted that U.S. leadership is “weakly” what happened in Orlando — “only the beginning”.

What has happened in Orlando is just the beginning. Our leadership is weak and ineffective. I called it and asked for the ban. Must be tough

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 12, 2016

“We need to protect all Americans from all backgrounds and of all faiths from radical Islamic terrorism, which has no place in an open and tolerant society,” said trump.

The attack on gay club Pulse in Orlando occurred on Sunday night. 29-year-old Omar Matin opened in the nightclub fire, which killed 50 people, another 53 were injured. The attacker himself was shot and killed during a shootout with police. Police have classified the incident as a “domestic terrorist attack”.

Later responsible for the attack has taken the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). The official involvement of the attacker to any terrorist organization has not yet been confirmed. However, the police confirmed that before the attack, Martin declared loyalty to ISIS. Omar Martin was born in the U.S., but his parents emigrated to the States from Afghanistan.

Barack Obama called the attack on a nightclub in Orlando “an act of hatred and terrorism.” He also said that “the attack was against all Americans.”