WikiLeaks has announced the publication of new letters to Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks plans to publish another fragment of correspondence, Hillary Clinton, Dating back to the time when she served as Secretary of state, The Guardian reports, citing a statement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“We plan to publish leaks associated with Hillary Clinton. We have e-mails waiting for publication,” said Assange, without specifying when and how many emails will be published.

Earlier, in March, WikiLeaks published the files with the search function of 30322 emails and attachments sent from private email addresses Hillary Clinton during the period when she headed the state Department. Now concerning Clinton checks the FBI. Experts must determine not whether Clinton violated Federal law by using personal email to send sensitive information.

According to Assange, it is highly unlikely that U.S. attorney General Loretta Lynch to indict Clinton. “She’s not going to blame Hillary Clinton, it is not possible. This will not happen. But the FBI will be able to win concessions from the government Clinton,” said the founder of WikiLeaks.

Last year, Clinton was forced to transfer all work correspondence to US state Department. She refused to provide only those letters that are considered personal.