For the first time Russia has entered the top 30 countries “soft power”

London PR Agency Portland released its annual list of countries leading The Soft Power 30. Russia took the 27th place.

Leadership this year went to the United States, which displaced from the first position to the UK, relegating it to second place. In third place this year is Germany, which also drops one place from second place. In the first five as Canada and France – the fourth and fifth places respectively.

In addition to Russia, for the first time in the top-30 hit Hungary and Argentina (26th and 30th respectively).

“In recent years, manifestations of hard power in Russia is much more noticeable than manifestations of soft power. While under sanctions by the US and the EU, Russia was not treated kindly by his “Western colleagues”, – the authors of the report.

“At the same time, despite its revanchist foreign policy, Russia has large reserves of soft power in culture. The Museum of the Hermitage, the Bolshoi theatre, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Malevich, Tchaikovsky and Bulgakov” – the authors rating. In addition, the opinion of Russia varies around the world, they said. The authors emphasize that the study focused not only to the Western assessment and reflects world opinion.

The growth of positive perception of Russia in the world, according to the authors, could influence a more peaceful period around the situation in the East of Ukraine, and also attempt to take a leading role in the fight against “Islamic state” (recognized organization banned in Russia) in Syria. However, this opinion was not reflected among the Western audience, the authors of the study.

Total index of Portland is built from two parts, one covering objective and subjective indicators with a weight of 70 and 30%. The objective part of the business climate, culture, Informatization (digital), public administration, foreign policy and education. This group of factors that can be directly measured.

Subjective indicators obtained in the course of public opinion polls. Respondents are asked to evaluate the kitchen, the friendliness of the citizens toward tourists, technology, luxury goods — as well as their confidence in the behavior of the country in the international arena, the desire to visit her at work or school, the contribution of this state into the world culture.

The Agency publishes a similar study for the second year in a row, last year Russia in the top 30 were not included.