Patrushev spoke about the attempts to harm Russia in the information sphere

The special services of foreign States intensified intelligence “and other” activities aimed at harming Russia in the information sphere, said Secretary of security Council Nikolay Patrushev. He also stressed that the widespread use of foreign developments in the IT sector creates preconditions for leak of secret information.

“The intensification of intelligence and other activities of special services and organizations of foreign States, aimed at damaging the interests of the Russian Federation in the information sphere”, — said Patrushev at exit meeting of security Council on 14 June (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

He noted that the use of foreign IT technologies creates preconditions for leak of classified information and threatens to stop “technological processes and the remote lock infrastructure of public authorities”.

Thus, according to Patrushev, the level of knowledge and skills of the responsible officials in the field of information security is low. “Of the total number of experts responsible for protection of information, only 6% have specialized education in the field of information security,” Patrushev said (quoted by “Interfax”).

He stressed the need to continue work in the field of protection of information and appropriate training of employees.