Retailers have offered to supply foreign online parcels on the account

Moscow. June 10. Russian Association of companies of Internet trade (AKIT) proposed to make foreign online retailers to pay VAT in Russia, “Vedomosti”. It is expected that the initiative will consider at the next meeting of the working group at presidential administration at the end of June.

In России08 Jun 2016С foreign companies in selling content over the Internet will charge to Naschitti read more

In AKIT believe that foreign online retailers need to put on the tax account if their revenue exceeds two million rubles for the last three months, which corresponds to the Tax code in relation to the Russian Internet-shops. The Association said that the prices on websites must include fiscal payment, and consumers will not need to pay extra taxes on purchases. Was possible to remotely, and to pay VAT on every supply, according to “Vedomosti”. Currently with shopping online abroad, VAT is not paid.

Representative AKITA Alexei Fedorov told “Vedomosti” that it is necessary to make all parcels registered. According to him, currently, in half of the cases the package is not accompanied by the information, “what’s in them, how much it costs and who is the sender.”

The tax should apply per product delivery to ensure the same rules for each product category in any price segment, noted the publication of Fedorov.

On Wednesday at the meeting of the state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill providing for the collection of VAT (18%), with Internet transactions for the sale of foreign companies Russians of electronic services, games, music, books and video products.

For services subject to VAT will apply online provision of rights to use computer programs, including computer games and databases. It also will relate to the provision of advertising services on the Internet, rendering of services on placement of bids for acquisition of goods and services to support electronic resources, the provision of domain names and hosting services, the granting of rights to use e-books, music, images and video.

The services in electronic form will not apply to the sale of goods if their supply is carried out without the use of the Internet, selling software and databases on physical media, the services providing access to the Internet.