Seagull will provide the business email address for direct communication with him

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika will take part in St. Petersburg international economic forum, told the official representative of the Supervisory Department Alexander Kurennoy. According to him, the Seagull will perform on Thursday at the session “Issues of Russian and international jurisdictions. Security for business”. This is the first time the public Prosecutor is present at the SPIEF.

Along with a Seagull among the participants of the discussion declared the member of Presidium of Association of lawyers of Russia” Vladimir Gruzdev, who on 2 February left the post of Governor of the Tula region and the representative of the President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov. The foreign business will be represented by the Chairman of the Corporation JCDecaux SA Jean-françois Decaux, General counsel for emerging markets at Thomson Reuters, Thomas Kim, managing Director of the Eastern Committee of German economy Michael harms.

Chaika will tell you how the Prosecutor’s office provides oversight of legality in the field of business, explained the Colonel. According to him, it increasingly will focus on how to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, both Russian and foreign investors are creating in Russia a resident.

The attorney General will report on the audits conducted in respect of the business. Kurennoy said that the Prosecutor’s office is trying to reduce the number of planned inspections and unplanned events that are initiated by regulatory authorities in coordination with the oversight Agency. But from year to year grows the number of unscheduled inspections, which are conducted without consultation with the Prosecutor’s office, said the representative office.

Also Chaika announces the launch of a new communication channel for use by business people to talk about their private problems to the public Prosecutor, said Kurennoy. It will be a separate email address, which will lead on the Agency’s website. Access will be from Chaika and the head of the General Prosecutor’s office on supervision of observance of the rights of businessmen Alexey Pukhov.

The attorney General will be every day to view requests received on that address and redirect them to the relevant units. In turn, the supervisors will deal not only with specific cases, but also to systematize them and to isolate systemic problems, which will then be discussed at the interagency working groups at the Prosecutor’s office, said Kurennoy.

Although prosecutors are “kinks” on an individual basis, in General the Supervisory authority is on the side of business, said in a conversation with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees “Support of Russia” Sergey Borisov. But, according to him, the Prosecutor’s office is largely engaged in “labor of Sisyphus”: each year the Department reports on the submissions that were made to the various authorities in connection with illegal inspections of business, but the number of these checks is not reduced by this, Borisov stressed.

In 2015, the regulatory authorities have conducted a total of 1,994 million checks — 8% less than in 2014 (when the business checked out of 2.17 million times). The number of unplanned inspections was reduced by about 100 thousand (to 1.32 million), but their share has grown from 65% to 66%, the statistics office reported. This trend is confirmed by the data of Ministry of economic development: in 2014, the share of unscheduled inspections of businesses jumped to 56%, and last year reached 59%. In 2015 824 thousand planned inspections had 1 million 180 thousand unplanned events.

Chaika’s performance at the economic forum in itself describes a business situation in Russia, believes the Chairman of the nonprofit partnership “Business solidarity” Yana Yakovleva. “It is already possible to speak; it is clear that the business climate we depend on the public Prosecutor”, — said Yakovlev, in conversation with . According to her, representatives of Prosecutor’s office it would be better not to go to the forums, and to create an image of the defenders of the business, defending the interests of entrepreneurs in courts.

Earlier, prosecutors in at least one high-profile criminal case was on the side of business and demanded to stop criminal prosecution against the owner of Domodedovo Dmitry Mason.

About the business problems the attorney General spoke at the Board office. According to him, in 2015 prosecutors have canceled more than 2.2 thousand of decisions on excitation of Affairs about economic crimes and stopped about 500 violations in the conduct of operational activities in relation to entrepreneurs.

The appearance of Gulls at the session of the St. Petersburg forum will be his first public speech after June 15, the Council of the Federation to extend its authority, for another five years. 23 may it became known that President Vladimir Putin suggested senators to leave the Seagull at the head of the Prosecutor General.

The sides in the upper house of Parliament does not doubt that the Federation Council will support the initiative of the head of state, despite the resonance of the investigation and publication of the business Empire to his sons and the desire of the Deputy interior Minister Alexander Savenkova to take the post of attorney General, as told by the interlocutors in the state Duma and the FSB.