The French authorities called the killing of a policeman near Paris terrorist attack

The representative of the French government, agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said that the murder of a policeman and his wife in the suburbs of Paris, responsibility for which had previously taken the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), is a “terrorist act”.

In an interview with radio station RTL, Le fol, called the incident “a terrible tragedy” and “terrorist act”, but urged not to jump to conclusions. “It is difficult to draw conclusions, we must be extremely careful,” said Le Foll.

He also stated the need for further investigation and be vigilant.

The interior Minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve also said the attack in the suburbs of Paris “low” attack, according to Reuters. He added that the government was fully mobilized in terms of the terrorist threat and the beginning of the year in France has produced more than 100 arrests.

On the evening of 13 June, a man was attacked with a knife on police in the French Department of Yvelines in the suburbs of Paris. A police officer died from his injuries, the offender took refuge in his house, taking hostage a policeman’s wife and three children.

Arrived at the scene, police officers joined in the assault home invader was eliminated. The house was found the body of a woman, presumably the wife of the dead policeman, who also worked in the police. Their three year old child was saved.

The newspaper’s sources, Le Figaro, the police reported that the hostage-takers, the man claimed allegiance to ISIS. Later, the group claimed responsibility for the attack.