The Ministry of health announced the resumption of supplies of Ukrainian mezatona

The resumption of supplies mezatona, which is included in the list of essential medicines, is planned during the week. About this informed the official representative of the Ministry of health Oleg Salagay, reports “RIA Novosti”. As reported on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”, the factory in Kharkov stopped deliveries to Russia due to low prices, despite the fact that manufactured the drug is a popular anesthetic and is used for anesthesia and in cases of injuries, wounds, acute circulatory failure and cesarean section.

“According to the distributor, the resumption of mezaton is planned during the week,” said Salagay. “As for the re-registration of maximum prices for the drug, such a possibility is in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation from the vendor was available, but it with the corresponding statement is not addressed,” — said the representative of the Ministry of health.

That re-registration have any problems, “Kommersant” said the representative of the Kharkov plant. According to the newspaper, the pilot plant at the Kharkiv state scientific center for drugs stopped supplying mezatona in Russia in the beginning of the year. Citing reports in professional online groups, the newspaper reported that doctors lack mezatona and in response to your requests are given the explanation that this drug “is not and never will”. The doctors also complained that because of the shortage of mezatona they have to use for anesthesia norepinephrine, which costs 40 RUB, how mezaton and 1.6 thousand.

The representative of the plant Natalie Crow told “Kommersant” that the suspension of deliveries of mezaton in Russia is associated with a low purchase price. According to her, mezaton was included in the list of vital and essential drugs in Russia in 2010 and since then the manufacturer has not been possible to re-register. “At the moment we just can’t put it at the same price — it would mean that we are at a loss,” explained Crow.

The representative of the Ministry of health, commenting on the publication “Kommersant”, said that problems in the provision of medical care in the absence of mezaton doctors does not arise. “In the Russian market there are sufficient drugs with similar pharmacological action with mezaton and a similar price (more than 50 trade names),” said Salagay. The official referred to the data of the main anaesthetist, Ministry of health Professor Igor Molchanov, who believes that the lack of mezaton “is not the critical nature of medical care in the context of anesthesiology and intensive care, as a number of drugs with similar action have substantially greater clinical benefits.”

Supervising social sphere, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said in turn that the question of supplies mezatona will be resolved in the near future. “The shortages of medicines are categorically not supposed to be, and all problems will be fixed soon. All medications will be fully available to those categories of the population for whom they are appropriate”, she said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”. According to the Vice Prime Minister, “all the medicines in question, there are counterparts, and higher quality.”