The state Duma has allowed the interior Ministry to publish “black lists” of football fans

The state Duma adopted in the first reading the bill on the public register of the fans, who are not allowed to attend sports matches. The document was adopted by 385 votes. Opposed, but did not vote LDPR faction.

The bill was submitted to the Duma by the government in late may. He introduces a public list of supporters, which the court is forbidden to attend sporting events. The registry will be kept by the interior Ministry, the list will be published on the Agency’s website. The list will indicate the name and surname, date and place of birth at fault, as well as date, number and expiry date of a court decision on the ban on visiting matches.

Match officials will be obliged within three hours before the event to check the registry to prevent the match of his defendants. The cost of tickets to the fans who were not allowed at a match, will not be refunded.

To exit the list after the expiration of the ban on attending sporting events or in the event of cancellation of a court ban.

Now according to the law, the courts have the right to appoint as punishment for supporters of the ban on sports matches in the days of their conduct, but the public registry at the fault was not conducted. As stated at the meeting of the state Duma, Deputy interior Minister Igor Zubov, this innovation should have on the eve of the world Cup in 2018 held in Russia.

Since then, vessels were allowed to punish supporters of the ban on campaigns for the matches, it is a punishment imposed on 115 citizens, ten times the ban was violated, statistics are provided in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill.

“The implementation of the legislative proposal <…> will foster in visitors official sports competitions law-abiding behaviour and accountability, the rule of law and public safety”, — said in a note.

The state Duma intends to quickly pass the bill. The deadline for amendments is reduced to eight days (instead of the usual thirty). This means that the law will be adopted until June 24, the last day of the session, said the first Deputy Chairman of the sport Committee Alexander Sherin.