The traffic police will find aggressive drivers in Moscow at the stickers on the cars

The leadership of the Moscow Department of the traffic police called the external signs, which must pay attention to the inspectors in the fight against aggressive driving. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the Annex to the departmental order on the identification of cases of dangerous driving.

Paraphernalia machines will be divided into three categories: typical, credible and neutral. So, sticker” “Night is our day,” the combination of the words “race” and “speed” as well as images in the form of successive silhouettes of the two cars, the facade of Moscow state University and vertically dissected a dog, according to the Metropolitan traffic police, are characteristic of drivers practicing aggressive driving and can be a cause of attention to the car from the side of the inspector.

To the probable signs of an aggressive driver, according to the Department, include labels and abbreviations that define the identity of the car with a powerful engine to tuning clubs: “evolution”, “GTI”, “supra”, “RS”, AMG and M.

Neutral but possible attributes of aggressive drivers on the capital’s traffic police believe the symbols belonging to the various major car clubs: DRIVE2, LADA, CC, VAZ, EE, Audi Club, Ford Focus Club, BMW Club.

8 June in Russia came into force amendments to the traffic Rules, which provide for a new type of crime “dangerous driving”. Under this violation means refusing to give way to the vehicle having the priority right of movement, rebuilding in heavy traffic when all lanes are occupied, failure to a safe distance to the vehicle ahead, failure to comply with a lateral interval, sudden braking, in case it is required to prevent an accident, obstruction of overtaking.

Confirmation of violations are the records of the surveillance cameras, cameras auto-commit of the SDA, the video cameras installed in highway patrol car with no identification signals, and also to record with the DVR that will send the traffic police other drivers.