Two million Russians were forbidden to travel abroad because of debts

For the first five months of the year 2016, the number of restricted to travel abroad debtors amounted to almost 2 million people, estimated by a micro-Finance company “E-loan” on the basis of data of Federal service of court bailiffs (FSSP). In January—may, the ban on travel abroad received about 157 thousand of debtors on credits and loans, which is 80% more than last year (five months of 2015, these debtors was 87 thousand). In just five months of this year citizens received 392 thousand writs with the travel ban.

The most egregious non — payers- citizens with debts for alimony, they account for 46% of all persons of the debtors, followed by klimenty banks — 40% of those who do not pay taxes or traffic fines (10%). Defaulters for housing and communal services only 4%, while the share of borrowers of microfinance institutions is only 1% of the total number of restricted to travel abroad of debtors.

The collection Agency “Sequoia credit consolidation” has estimated that a ban on travel abroad threatens 4.5 million borrowers on Bank loans. It is the debtors with overdue more than 90 days loans and debt more than 10 thousand rubles (the amount of debt above which the bailiff may issue a ban on travel abroad). With someone of these borrowers can negotiate the recovery of loans out of court, but someone will address the issue in court and then the borrower will receive the writ of execution and a ban on travel abroad.

According to the “Redwoods”, the most potentially travel abroad debtors live in Moscow — more than 304.2 thousand people, the Moscow region — 232,9 thousand, Krasnodar Krai — 168,2 thousand and Sverdlovsk oblast — 157,9 thousand

According to Central Bank data, as of may 1, the volume of Bank loans amounted to 10.5 trillion rubles, the amount of overdue — 891,3 billion rubles (more than 8% of the loan portfolio). Since the beginning of 2014 arrears on loans to citizens increased by two times.

According to the rating Agency RAEX, company “E loan” is in the top 3 microfinance institutions in the portfolio issued by online loans (310,5 mln RUB at 1 January 2016). “E loan” included in the international FINTECH company Twino, also working in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries, but the formal owners are a number of citizens and companies, the largest package is 50% owned by a citizen of Latvia Armands the BL group.

“Sequoia credit consolidation” is one of the largest collection agencies. The company was established in 2004 and now occupies 30% of the Russian market of collection services. The Agency is in the group of Adela Financial Retail Group, which is 81% owned by Eugene Bernstam. In the “Sequoia,” as Bernstein said in an interview with banker Oleg to Tinkoff, he has 90% stock and 10% of the company’s President Elena Dokuchaeva. The company works mainly with Bank debt, is also in the portfolio are debts of housing and communal services, small and medium business, corporate debt, mortgage.