“United Russia” will offer voters a program from the thinking of Putin

Program with Putin

Program Committee of the “United Russia”, headed by the Prime Minister and party leader Dmitry Medvedev, has prepared a draft electoral program with which United Russia will go to the Duma elections in September this year. On Wednesday, the document will be discussed at the meeting of the Commission, and finally adopted at the Congress on 26-27 June.

Document (extracts are available) consists of a preamble and thematic areas (economic policy, social policy, education, health, power and society, etc.). In each section, the party first talks about achievements in a particular field, and then gives certain promises or makes suggestions.

Each section begins with statements of Vladimir Putin on the subject, including the quotes from his articles that he published in 2012, during his election campaign. Inside the section is also a lot of references to Putin constantly refers to the so-called “may decrees” of the President and given his other statements.

Earlier, the interlocutors in the “United Russia” was told that during the election campaign will highlight his relationship with the President. Even during the primaries, which were held on may 22, they chose the slogan “it is Important to Choose Correctly” consisting of the first letters of the name of the head of state. Putin also repeatedly praised United Russia, he also plans to attend the Congress, told earlier a source in the Kremlin.


Economic policy should perform are formulated by the President the task of building “an effective mechanism for economic renewal” and search the necessary material and human resources,” reads the policy document of United Russia. The party advocates the reduction of inefficient budget expenditures, the dominant role of the state in infrastructure projects, increase the share of social spending in GDP. Also, the program of “United Russia” supported the Bank of Russia to reduce inflation to 4%, and withdrawal from the banking market fragile institutions.

Part of the program devoted to the creation of a competitive and stable tax system. Among the proposed measures is to allow self-employed citizens, are not registered as individual entrepreneurs, such as Tutors, volunteered to report on the implementation of their activities in terms of tax exemption for three years. This measure is also included in the anti-crisis plan of the government for 2016.

In addition, the “United Russia” noted the need to increase financial independence of regions and municipalities at the expense of redistribution of incomes of the consolidated budget in favor of regions and assigning them a sources of tax revenues, eliminating the practice of establishing at the Federal level benefits for regional and local taxes and tax reform property taxes.

The party also included in its program other previously declared by the authorities objectives: to improve the business climate, promote technological development with support for high-tech industries is proposed to make the military-industrial complex, the new stage of privatization “effective from the social point of view,” to increase “the export potential of the post-industrial sectors” to continue the fight against monopolies. Summarizing the economic part of the program “United Russia” noted the need for a new path of economic growth relying “on foreign economic conjuncture, and for a full disclosure of the opportunities and comparative advantages of the Russian economy”.

Power and society

The political situation in the country has changed,” reads the section on government and society. “It has become more competitive, open to the participation of new social forces, focused on social and political activity of the voters,” claimed the United Russia party. To make the party put the development of anti-corruption legislation, and the de-offshorization of the economy, and the imposition of restrictions for officials.

Proposals for major amendments on the political system in the syllabus. United Russia propose to improve the law on political parties, adding the item on a preliminary vote. This will give the parties the opportunity to hold a preliminary vote under the protection of the law, said in a policy document. Earlier, a source in United Russia said that the intention of United Russia, the law should give parties the right to use polls during the primaries.

In the section there is a proposal to improve the judicial system. United Russia wants to ban to consider the question of recusal by the judge. “In my practice, and from colleagues was not a single case, the judge granted the request on its own branch, — said the lawyer Alexei Mikhalchik. — If questions about recusal of judges will decide the higher judiciary, it would be a step in the direction of an independent court and will help to fight red tape and judicial interest”.

Much of the section devoted to the bureaucracy. United Russia propose to reduce in two times inspections of organizations from 2017 and reduce the waiting time in turn at reception of state and municipal services up to 15 minutes. Unlike the developed to the 2011 elections Nikolai Fedorov so-called “people’s programme (it was not accepted, and for the electoral program of the United Russia party approved speeches of Putin and Medvedev at the Congress) in the current document is much more likely to be implemented, says software included in the Commission political analyst Dmitry Orlov. “Unlike previous years, this programme is dominated by topics embedded in the ongoing activities of the party and coordinated with the Kremlin, so the program is more instrumental,” he says.

Election program – it is more an element of political ritual, says the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov. “Respondents always say pollsters that make choices on the basis of the election program, but these words of interest in the program ends. People in reality actually blurred the image of the future, so there are no expectations from the program. They focus not on content but on the style of politicians” – the expert adds.

With the participation of Anastasia Mikhailova