FT found out about the possible reaction of Putin suspended Russia from the Olympics

The suspension of Russian athletes from participation in the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro will not leave President Vladimir Putin with no choice but to resort to anti-Western rhetoric, told the Financial Times two sources familiar with the thinking of the President”.

Possible sharp reaction to this development was explained to the edition, the Russian businessman who discussed with the President of the sports related issues sports. “For his reign, two key topics are sports and national pride. How he can not get angry, if we take away” — said the source FT.

The unnamed official told the newspaper that Putin is very angry about the publication in the Western media that Russian athletes use banned drugs.

Official comment of the Kremlin in the FT article no.

Friday, the international athletics Federation (IAAF) is to announce its decision on the admission of Russian athletes at the Olympics.

In November the IAAF temporarily disqualified, the Russian athletics Federation (vfla), which led to the suspension of Russian athletes from participating in international competitions. The reason for this decision was the recommendation of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), which accused the Russian athletes in large-scale doping and the Federation — in the concealment of this practice.

A complete ban on the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic games may be sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The meeting will be held June 21 in Lausanne.

The head of the IOC Thomas Bach said that the Russian team will not be allowed to participate in the Olympics, if it is proved the existence of “an organized and comprehensive system of doping, affecting other sports.”

Russian athletes have turned to Bach with an open letter in which he asked to be allowed to participate in the Olympic games athletes suspected of doping.