In the state Duma proposed to cancel the 282-th article of the criminal code on extremism

Deputies Alexei Didenko, Mikhail Degtyarev and Ivan Sukharev (all of LDPR in the state Duma introduced a bill abrogating article 282 of the Criminal code “inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity” for the following reasons. The document is registered in the database of bills introduced in the lower house of Parliament.

The proposal to recognize as invalid article MPs to explain ambiguities in written in it of a crime. In accordance with article 282 any-told joke about the Russian, Chukchi, Jews or blondes in the media or social network can be regarded as a wrongful act” aimed at inciting hatred or enmity and humiliation of dignity on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, write the authors of the bill. In addition, because of the broad wording of article 282 of the criminal code “is used against the citizen and for political purposes” and “legalize political censorship”, say MPs.

“A very large number of convicts under this article are ethnic Russians” — as the authors of the bill in the explanatory Memorandum. According to them, article 282 of the criminal code primarily used for the prosecution of the Russian nation (Russian patriots and public figures), for which the society is even called “Russian art”.

MPs propose to exempt from punishment of people convicted in the 282nd article of the criminal code, to stop the investigations and trials against suspects and accused persons under this article, the text of the bill.