Japan has accused a Chinese warship of violating its border

As the channel NHK, according to military officials, a Chinese military ship for about an hour and a half intruded into the territorial waters of Japan near the island of Kuchinoerabu. The violation was recorded by patrol aircraft P-3C Maritime self-defense force of Japan.

The TV channel notes that the violation of the Chinese ships of the Maritime border Japan – extremely unusual phenomenon.

Last week a Chinese warship was seen in 38 kilometers from the Senkaku Islands in the East China sea which belong to Japan, however, are subject to claims by China and Taiwan. Tokyo had expressed official protest.

Reuters reports that the intensification of the Chinese Navy is on the background of strengthening the position of the American fleet in the region. In particular off the coast of Okinawa exercises were held, which were attended including the aircraft carrier “John Stanis Japanese helicopter carrier and patrol ships of the Navy of India.