Lavrov accused France of violating the rights of Russian fans

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has commented on the detention of Russian football fans, which occurred on the eve in the South of France. He called the actions of the French authorities is unacceptable.

“Was absolutely unacceptable incident when a bus with more than 40 Russian cheerleaders was stopped, demanded that they got off the bus to check documents,” — said the Minister, speaking at the government hour in the state Duma, the correspondent .

According to him, French authorities were obliged to inform the Russian Embassy or Consulate in Marseille, but this was not done”. “Representatives of our diplomatic missions, learned only from social networks about the incident, immediately left the place,” he explained. The intention to storm the bus after fans refused to get out of it and demanded the Consul, Lavrov called unacceptable.

“The French behaved contrary to all obligations under the Vienna Convention”, — said the head of Ministry of foreign Affairs. He informed the deputies that was sent to the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kazneva verbal message about the inadmissibility of such actions.

The Minister further criticized and the fans. “It is unacceptable to behave as behaved some of our citizens that came with the flares,” he said, referring to the incidents during the match between Russia and England in Marseille. “But we can’t ignore the fact that trying to ignore the provocative actions of the fans from other countries: when trample the flag to insult the Russian leadership. To ignore such provocateurs is unacceptable. Our diplomats are in constant mode to work with the French authorities”, — said Lavrov.