Most of all, the Ministry of defense earned the Chapter “Roveniemi”

On the website of the Ministry of defence published data on incomes of employees of the Ministry and subordinated institutions. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported income in April, together with the government (his earnings amounted to 10.4 million rubles).

The richest

In 2014, five people in the defense Ministry reported income of more than RUB 100 million In 2015 on such earnings have reported only the leader of Roveniemi” Vladimir Shumilin (Federal Directorate of the cumulative mortgage system of housing for military personnel, is in charge of the defense). Over the past year, he earned 106,1 million rubles — ten times more than Shoigu.

Compared to 2014, Shumilin earned 17 million more. The Chapter “Roveniemi” owns two apartments: 64 and 41.3 sq. m. the Second apartment of the military officer is in Montenegro. Shumilin works in “Rosvoenipoteka” in 2010, for four years he headed the Department “TNK — BP Management”, published on the website of the Ministry of defense biography.

Almost four times less Shumilin, in 2015, earned the head of the Directorate for financial support of the Ministry of defense of the Krasnodar territory Evgeny Khvostov. His total income, including the cost of the sold car and their own savings, amounted to 29 million roubles In comparison with last year the income Khvostov has increased more than three times. The property is at the head of the regional Department eight land plots with a total area of 8.7 thousand sq. m. in addition, Tails owns four non-residential premises with a total area of 10.2 thousand square meters Together with his wife and four kids that Tails owns an apartment with an area of 98.6 meters and a residential house (345 square metres).

More than 28 million RUB in 2015 was received by the Deputy Minister of defense Yuri Borisov. Owned by the Deputy Minister are two plots of land, a house area 237,1 sq m and the apartment. Borisov with his wife declared two luxury vehicle in Mercedes-Benz ML500 and the BMW X6.

Borisov was appointed in 2012. In his area of responsibility are the departments of armament, defence contracts and state procurement, as well as five offices and technical inspection of the Ministry of defense.

Deputy Minister

The income of several Deputy Ministers were higher income Shoigu.

The highest amount of income stated in the Declaration Borisov. Yuri (tech.), the first chief of staff of the Ministry, received the status of Deputy in 2015 earned 700 thousand less than last year — 12.7 million (the property of Colonel-General are two apartments with a total area of 269,6 sq. m. (Tech.), Moves on Mercedes-Benz 350L.

Deputy Minister Anatoly Antonov responsible for international military and military-technical cooperation, last year, received income in the amount of 11.8 million rubles, 150 thousand more than in 2014. In the property the Deputy Sergei Shoigu, no property, no car. In the use of Antonov is the apartment with an area of 86.2 sqm

Pavel Popov, who is responsible in the Ministry for innovation, technology and robotics, in 2015, earned 11.3 million rubles. In 2014, Popov earned 11,7 million roubles In the property the Deputy is land for individual housing construction area of 2.4 thousand sq. m. in Addition, the Deputy Minister enjoyed together with the spouse apartment with an area of 157 sq. m. and dwelling house. Popov moves with his wife on the Audi Q3.

Less than 11 million rubles in 2015 and earned four Deputy out of ten. Tatyana Shevtsova, responsible for issues of financial security earned 10.9 million rubles. Supervising the activities of JSC “Garrison” and the housing Ruslan Tsalikov earned 10.7 million rubles, Nikolai Pankov, head of personnel management and educational work received income in the amount of 6.9 million rubles, 3.7 million rubles. more than last year. Source of income the Declaration of punks did not disclose.

Less than all of the Vice has earned a chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Valery Gerasimov. In 2015, his income amounted to 2.9 mln., in 191 thousand rubles. more than last year.


In the declarations there were several wives of officials of the Ministry of defence, earning more than their spouses and Deputy Ministers.

The largest income for 2015 indicated spouse Caplowe I. A. Her earnings 23.6 million RUB Full official name, his position, and spouse’s name in the published Declaration not specified. sent a request to the Ministry of defense.

He Caplow earned 1.9 million rubles. owned by the spouse of an employee are two apartments with a total area of 125,2 sq. m and two non-residential buildings with an area of 2.2 thousand square meters and 107.4 sq. m. spouse Moves Caplowe in two cars: Mercedes-Benz GLK series and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

More than 12 million rubles in 2015 earned the wife of the military Commissioner of Khabarovsk territory Nikolay Glinina. Glinin earned 2.5 million rubles In property of the spouses is the land area of 820 sq. m apartment.

More than 12 million rubles and earned the wife of the Deputy chief of staff Sergei Istratov. The income of the spouse in the Declaration due to closure of Bank accounts. Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces last year earned 10.9 million RUB In the ownership of his wife, are two apartments with a total area of 208,4 sq. m and land area of 1.1 thousand sq. m.