NATO Secretary General called to undermine the stability test in the Russian army

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commented on the surprise inspection of the Russian Armed forces, which began yesterday. According to him, such actions lead to “padillo stability,” Reuters reports.

“Sudden teachings undermine transparency and predictability. It becomes impossible to ensure effective transparency and monitoring exercise,” said Stoltenberg (quoted by “Interfax”).

The NATO Secretary General also drew attention that the surprise inspections are used to inform about the conduct of the exercise the other direction. “One of the problems of these sudden exercise is that we can not fulfill the agreement, primarily, the Vienna document on informing the other side,” he explained. Stoltenberg noticed that this tendendcy there is a “long enough” and called for “inspection and monitoring of sudden teachings.”

About the beginning of the test by decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was announced yesterday morning. Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov stressed that the message was delivered to the apparatuses of military attaches at embassies and through the channels of the OSCE. In addition, States parties to the Vienna document have been sent the appropriate notice.

According to defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, monitoring is necessary to assess the combat and mobilization readiness. The focus will be on the bases of storage of weapons and equipment, and certain military authorities. Have coalsales that the verification will attract Russians, who are in stock.

Shoigu drew attention, that the troops should be prepared to perform tasks in the armed conflict of different intensity. Special attention, the Minister said, should be given to the mobilization component of the armed forces and as backup forms of formations.