Tea has reappointed attorney General for another five years

The Federation Council reappointed Yuri Chaika for the post of attorney General for five years, the correspondent reports from a plenary session of the upper house.

According to the law “On Prosecutor’s office” the issue of whether to keep Tea at the head of the Supervisory authority decides on the Federation Council on representation of the President Vladimir Putin.

On the eve of two of the relevant Committee of Federation Council on constitutional legislation and on defence and security — unanimously supported the candidacy of Gulls on the office of attorney General.

The powers of Gulls expire June 22, 2016. He holds the post of attorney General in 2006 that already stands at a record term in office. Among his predecessors the chair of the attorney General the longest was held by Vladimir Ustinov, a hold on that place for six years — from 2000 to 2006.

23 may it became known that Putin presented the candidacy of Gulls on the reassignment of the Federation Council.

That the President took this decision in mid-may, said a source in the Prosecutor General’s office and the interlocutor in the Kremlin, and also confirmed a source in the Federation Council.

The question of reappointment Gulls were discussed until the last moment, said a source close to the leadership of the FSB. According to him, it was not connected with the scandal around the investigation of the FBC on the business Empire of the sons of the Prosecutor General, and with a record tenure as Seagulls. If reelected, the Seagull will take the lead Supervisory Agency for 15 years, he explained then.

The head of the Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas said that the investigation into the Fund Navalny could not affect the fate of a Seagull, since it does not contain facts relating to the attorney General.

On December 1, the Fund of struggle against corruption has published the results of an investigation devoted to the business of the sons of the public Prosecutor and the alleged relationships of the business with the underworld. In particular, the Foundation found the foreign assets of the business, the relationship with the Hoe gang and the GTA. The authors of the investigation questioned the fact that the business market was based purely on legal grounds.

The public Prosecutor, commenting on the investigation the FCO, stated that he considers the customer publication, the head of investment Fund Hermitage Capital of William Browder and “underlying intelligence.”

On Wednesday before reassigning Seagulls supporters Navalny tried to carry out pickets. Three of them were detained.