The audit chamber criticized the Russian foreign Ministry for unfinished

The Protracted Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

In the work of the Ministry of foreign Affairs has “shortcomings and outstanding issues”, said the audit chamber auditor Alexander Zhdankov, speaking in the state Duma during the “government hour” with participation of Sergey Lavrov.

According to Zhdankova, the chamber has identified the growth in balances of foreign offices: it rose by 40% to 12 billion, 39 million are remains of previous years. “In terms of limits of budgetary possibilities of the state, these funds must be used”, — said the auditor. Only the state program of foreign political activity in 2015, was allocated to more than 132 billion roubles, from them of 77% relates to the Ministry of foreign Affairs as the responsible and the coordinator, he said.

40% of the diplomatic missions are not recorded in the registry of state property, established by the chamber. Especially, according to Zhdankova, the chamber was concerned about the theme the theme of protracted and costly construction. According to him, between 2010 and 2015 of 30 sites in 25 countries in due time was built only five.

In Panama, the Embassy has been under construction for ten years, in Australia for construction in seven years not started, he brought examples. The cost of a protracted and expenditure budget has increased by 2.5 billion rubles. In connection with the constant postponement of the construction of the foreign Ministry additionally spent for the rental of buildings for more than $5 million, although it was possible to avoid these expenses, I’m sure Jankov.

Difficulties with the construction of the Embassy in Canberra can be associated with the position of the Australian authorities. In March 2014, the Canberra Times reported that the authorities have not given permission to the Museum was built by Russian technicians and security professionals. That such experts should come from Russia, the Russian side insisted. However, a representative of the Department of foreign Affairs and trade, explained to the newspaper that it will not be allowed. The only exception was made for China, to build its Embassy through the efforts of its professionals, but this practice will not continue, he told the newspaper a representative of the Department.

The chamber also pointed to the too complicated structure of the work with compatriots. Zhdankov reminded that the Duma tribune has repeatedly said that fellow is allocated insufficient funds. However, the chamber considers that is the “not so little”, but the problem is that “participants have a lot of work and not always the “right hand knows what the left is doing”. He mentioned that this topic is Rossotrudnichestvo, ministries, regional authorities. The chamber, as the words of the auditor, recommends to establish a system of performance assessment.

The front to deter Russia

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking in the Duma, told deputies that the United States and its allies attempted to create a front for the containment of Russia on the patterns of the cold war.

He also pointed out that there are attempts by the West to undermine Russia’s position in the energy market and weapons, but was assured that Moscow will not allow itself to be drawn into confrontation. “We do not intend to get involved in, imposed on us a confrontation with either the USA nor NATO nor the European Union. Obviously, confrontational habits, geopolitical games with zero result hinder the efforts to achieve sustainable world development, generate like a Ukrainian,” — said the Minister.

Moscow is trying to persuade Western countries to lift sanctions, Lavrov said. “We really relate to what is happening creatively and do not run, do not try to persuade his European and American partners to remove sanctions. I mean those that are sector specific, financial sanctions. We are convinced that it is not worthy of the Russian Federation,” Lavrov told the deputies. This was previously stated and other officials. On Tuesday, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters that Russia had not imposed sanctions and wants to beg for to make some steps towards each other”.

In response to the deputies ‘ questions, the Minister said that he considers the actions of the French authorities in respect of Russian fans is unacceptable. And also expressed hope that Western partners will put pressure on Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements.