The Bank of Russia warned about the vulnerability maps “World”

Cardholders are “a World” may suffer from hackers, warned the consultant of the center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sphere (FinCERT) of the Bank of Russia Alexander Chebar at a meeting of the Committee of the chamber of Commerce for financial markets and credit organizations. Responding to a question from the moderator about the security cards of the national payment system “World”, Zebari said that at the initial stage of use, they can be vulnerable to attackers through remote service channels.

He stressed that the protection level of the card “the World” is generally consistent with the level of security of international payment systems. “However, from the point of view of the work themselves card users, Yes, there may be a small failure for the first time using these cards. That is a clear failure from the point of view of misappropriation of funds. The attack is not on the card, and on some systems that complement this map, for example, the system of remote banking service, reading information on the payment card,” says Chubar.

“Withdrawal card “the World” need to know only the card number and pin. Of any protected technology, no question”, — said the head of incident management Department of digital security Gazprombank Nikolay Pyatiizbyan. Knowing card details, the fraudsters can steal card “many times more”, he added.

“The world” — the first Russian national payment system. Its operator is JSC “nspc”. The first card “the World” was issued by banks — participants of the pilot project in December 2015. Now, according to the NBTS, the program 103 of the Bank, only 13 emit card. As mentioned earlier , the costs of banks to issue cards, “Peace” was higher than Visa and MasterCard. The difference in price is 35-45% in favor of foreign payment systems, said the Director of Department of payment systems of SMP Bank Elena Bingonova.

In March, the Central Bank sent 51 large Bank the letter with the requirement to take card “the World” in all serviced outlets and to produce maps for state employees from July 1, wrote “Kommersant” with reference to the letter of the regulator. In may, Vedomosti wrote. the CPS began to fine outlets for refusing to accept the card “the World”. The edition found in the files of arbitration courts four proceedings between the CPS and the merchants challenging the fines.

Tuesday 14iyunya, the newspaper “Vedomosti” said that the restaurant “Dr. Zhivago” located in hotel “natsional” in moss street, began to accept payment only card “the World” and by American Express, ceasing to accept Visa and MasterCard. “This decision was taken to support the Russian economy”, — said in a conversation with the administrator of the “Dr. Zhivago.