The court ordered the President of CSKA almost $100 million in favor of Alfa-Bank

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has passed the decision on collecting from the President of football club CSKA Moscow businessman Yevgeny Giner in favor of Alfa Bank more than $98 million, reports the Russian Agency of legal and judicial information (RAPSI). According to the Agency, the court fully satisfied the claims of the Bank on reimbursement of the loan debt, on which Giner made earlier by the guarantor.

The representative of alpha Bank has explained in court that the borrower has not complied with the terms stipulated in the loan agreement for $104 million.

“In this regard, we were forced to seek early recovery of funds under the loan agreement. The borrower, no action is produced. The guarantor also jointly and severally undertook to meet all the stated requirements in the contract, but neither responded to our notice. In this regard, we were forced to go to court”, — said representative of Alfa-Bank.

On the website of the Meshchansky court reported that the claim of Alfa-Bank to the Giner was registered in April of 2016, pre-trial preparation was carried out June 6, and June 14, was assigned to the hearing.

According RAPSI, in August 2016, the same case on this issue will be addressed in one of the arbitration courts of Moscow.