The defense Ministry has estimated the maximum number of participants of operations in Syria

Social support according to the new law on veterans of the Russian operation in Syria will have no more than 25 thousand people. This was announced on Wednesday at a meeting of the state Duma, Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

Antonov spoke on the consideration of the bill on the status of war veterans, participants of operations in Syria. It will get all the Russians on their way to the fulfillment of special tasks in Syria from 30 September 2015. Thus, the Ministry of defense estimated the number of participants in the operation, saying the number of people who will be able to obtain the status of a veteran of the fighting on Syrian territory.

MPs voted on Wednesday for the bill in the first reading. Under the current law on veteran status may count not only military but civilian staff, which is directed to the area of combat actions of the FSB. Deputy defense Minister, state Secretary Nikolay Pankov said earlier that the defense Ministry is in favour of granting the status of veterans of action in Syria and also civil technicians.

“25 thousand people is rotorway contingent”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on veterans ‘ Affairs Mikhail Moiseev. “This figure is budgeted for the total number of those who participated in the operation at different times, this does not mean that there is simultaneously contained 25 thousand people”, — he explained.

According to military expert Igor Korotchenkov in the calculation of the Ministry of defense consists mainly of the combatants. “Civilian personnel will be submitted at a minimum”, — the expert believes. The ceiling of the number of participants in the operation, called Antonov, due to the fact that the Syrian operation continues and the military participate on a rotating basis, says Korotchenkov.

The bill proposes to assign veteran status to persons “exhausted in the direction of time, or sent ahead of time for good reasons”. They will apply social support measures provided by the law “On veterans”.

According to the law “On veterans” combatants, entered in the list, supposed to increase pensions for years of service, compensation of expenses on payment of housing, maintaining health care, advantages of using the services of institution of communication when purchasing tickets.

Estimated total expenses of the Federal budget for the implementation of the bill in 2016 will be 967,8 mln, appreciated Antonov.

The defense Ministry official, the number of combatants in Siriene called. As of late October, two sources close to the defense Ministry, reported that the number of troops in Syria is 1600 people. In November, the Agency Reuters citing its own sources wrote that the Russian contingent in Syria was increased to 4 thousand people.

A proposal to assign the participants of the Syrian campaign, the status of veterans in late November by President Vladimir Putin. Now this status applies to the combatants on the territory of Russia, and also in Afghanistan.

The Russian operation in Syria began on September 30. In mid-March 2016, Putin ordered the withdrawal of most troops from the Arab Republic. He noted that the defense Ministry set before tasks are performed.