The defense Ministry said on stoking “Russophobic hysteria” before the NATO summit

The defense Ministry said that the upcoming NATO summit rises for degrees Russophobic hysteria”. The purpose of this, according to the Russian defense Ministry, is “escalating panic” to get a “colossal military budgets”.

“Predictable, that the degree of Russophobic hysteria of some representatives of the Alliance increased sharply ahead of a summit of the countries — participants of NATO in Europe”, — quotes the words of the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, “Interfax”.

“It is obvious that the real purpose of such statements about the “Russian” military threat is the deliberate injection of panic and maintaining the image of a cunning enemy, against which it is possible to get huge military budgets,” he said.

Konashenkov said that the recent statements of the NATO Secretary General are one “from the final arias Russophobic performance for the taxpayers of the countries — participants of the Alliance, which will have to fork out to fight an imaginary Russian military threat”.

On Wednesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called spot checks in the Russian Armed forces “undermining stability.” “Sudden teachings undermine transparency and predictability. It becomes impossible to ensure effective transparency and monitoring exercises,” Stoltenberg said.

Stoltenberg also again lashed out at Russia over the situation in Ukraine. “The agreement on ceasefire is violated again and again, and this is of great concern”, — quotes its words Reuters. “Russia supports the separatists <…> equipment, weapons. They also deployed troops along the Ukrainian border”, — he said.

The summit of heads of state of member countries of NATO will take place on 8-9 July in Warsaw.