The Finance Minister appreciated the UK out of the EU 30 billion pounds

According to the Wall Street Journal, the head of the Ministry of Finance of great Britain George Osborne on Wednesday plans to deliver a speech, which tell about the economic consequences of country’s withdrawal from the EU. As follows from the devotees publicized the theses of the future speech of the Minister, for the next four years the government will have to find about 30 billion pounds ($42.8 billion), which will miss the budget because of the low rate of economic growth, which will lead to Brexit.

The Guardian indicates that Osborne warns: to compensate for the budget deficit have the expense of raising taxes. In particular 2% (to 22%) will increase the base rate of income tax by 5% (to 45%) inheritance tax. Also 5% may increase the excise duties on petrol and alcohol.

In addition, Osborne did not rule out that a British exit from the EU will lead to the reduction of public spending on health, defense, education, police, transport.

While the WSJ cites the opinion of supporters of a British exit from the EU, who believe that the country is a financial win if the 23rd of June, the citizens will vote against the country’s membership in the European Union. They argue that the fact that London no longer have to pay 8 billion pounds a year to the EU budget, and this money will possibly be spent on social needs.

In accordance with the results of a poll that was released Tuesday, 35 percent of citizens are ready to vote on the referendum for leaving the EU, while maintaining EU membership support 33%. The remaining respondents either did not define their position, or decided not to vote.