The French Ambassador was summoned to the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with detention of fans

On June 15, the Russian foreign Ministry had summoned the French Ambassador in Moscow J.-M. Ripert. He made the submission in connection with the incident on the eve of the detention of a group of Russian fans, EN route from Marseille to Lille for the next match of Euro 2016 with the national team of Russia”, — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Agency pointed to “discriminatory and indiscriminate nature” taken against Russian citizens, Recalling that the decision of the Prosecutor of Marseille all 43 people, including 3 drivers were detained for 48 hours for investigation.

Moscow considers unacceptable, the incident was not notified the consular office in France, said in a statement the Russian foreign Ministry.

“The Russian foreign Ministry urged the French government to pay serious attention to the situation and as soon as possible – in a legal and civilized manner is to decide on the fate of the detained Russian citizens. It was emphasized that a further injection of anti-Russian sentiment around the theme of participation of our national team in the European Championship on football can significantly weigh down the atmosphere of Russian-French relations”, — stated in the message.

Earlier, foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, commenting on the detention of the Russians, called the actions of the French authorities is unacceptable. He stressed that French authorities were obliged to inform the Russian Embassy or Consulate in Marseille. “Representatives of our diplomatic missions, learned only from social networks about the incident, immediately went to the scene,” — said Lavrov, victpria at the government hour in the state Duma.

The bus in which were more than 40 people headed by the leader of the all-Russia Association of fans (VOB) Alexander by Sprijinim, was arrested the day before near the city of Cannes. Fans heading to Lille for the second match of Euro 2016 with the participation of the Russian team.