The restaurant is in the “national” refused to Visa and MasterCard because of patriotism

The Restaurant Dr.Zhivago, located in the hotel “natsional” in moss street, stopped taking Visa and MasterCard, said on Tuesday, June 14, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to visitors of the restaurant and its administrator.

Payment is only card “the World” and American Express you can also pay in cash, said in a conversation with the administrator of the “Dr. Zhivago. “This decision was taken to support the Russian economy”, — he said. The press service of the National payment card system reported about the lack of agreement on the promotion card “the World”.

Another restaurant Rappoport Chinese grammar for payment only accepts American Express and China UnionPay, as well as cash, said the administrator of the institution.

Restaurant Manager Cook kareku” (also owned by Rappaport said that restrictions on the reception card but it’s still better to take cash. “Sometimes there are glitches when paying by card,” he explained. About failures and warned in another institution Rappoport — “Voronezh”.

Sam Rappaport in conversation with explained the refusal to accept Visa and MasterCard cards concept of their restaurants. “In the restaurant Dr.Zhivago the basis of the concept is Russian food, cuisine, a map of “the World” is a local product, so we decided thus to maintain it,” he said. According to him, until the restriction in the acceptance of cards — it’s an experiment that began this week. “If our visitors don’t like it, there is discomfort, then we will cancel this rule. But I see no difficulty in the restaurant there are ATMs where customers can withdraw cash and easy to pay,” — said the restaurateur. According to him, the Chinese restaurant, the China UnionPay card acceptance is also a part of the concept.

The Chairman of the Board of NP “national payment Council” Alma Obaev says that restaurants typically restrict card acceptance to get more cash. “Goals are completely different, for example, began to purchase products in the market and the settlements” cash only, ” she adds.

The Chairman of the Board SDM-Bank Maxim Solntsev believes that it is unlikely there are pitfalls. “It looks like a marketing ploy — Dr. Zhivago is positioned as a restaurant for officials, so the national payment card”, he said.