The state Duma has allowed to exchange more currency without a passport

The State Duma adopted in the second and third readings amendments to the law “On counteraction to legalization of incomes, received by criminal way, and terrorism financing that facilitates the purchase and sale of small amounts of foreign currency.

According to the current rules, the Bank should require the client wish to exchange for foreign currency of more than 15 thousand rubles. or conversely to sell the currency for the same amount, to present a passport. And, in addition, has the right to require you to provide additional information – INN, telephone number, place of work, etc.

Under the new rules (the law will come into force after its official publication) without a passport you can buy and sell currencies worth up to 40 thousand. for Those who want to buy or sell a currency by more than 40 thousand. and less than 100 thousand rubles, it will be enough just to show a passport.

In the explanatory note to the law States that its adoption will reduce the operational burden on banks and their cost of processing transactions for currency exchange individuals.

In the first reading the state Duma approved changes to exchange may 20.