“The voice” was accused of PARNASSUS and of United Russia in discrediting the primaries

Activists for the rights of voters “the Voice” has studied the course and results of preliminary inner-party voting parties PARNAS and the “United Russia”. The experts followed the primaries of “United Russia” on elections of deputies of the state Duma in 35 regions, in 16 regions, they followed the primaries for elections to the regional parliaments. For the preliminary vote of Parnassus “the Voice” followed by their website. The report (available at) will be published on Wednesday.

Not protecting data

The party is not ready to guarantee the protection of personal data of electors, write the report’s authors. 29 may on a vote of PARNASSUS was published database of registered primary voters, including their names, phone numbers, email address and a personal password to access the voting system. “The voice” believes that full responsibility for the leak are the party leadership and the technical services responsible for the operation of the site. Because of this leakage, the party cancelled the results of the primaries, but promised to take them into account when forming electoral list.

In the primaries of “United Russia” legislation on personal data protection was violated in nine regions of the observed 35, human rights activists write. Also in some regions there were cases of voting without the consent to the processing of personal data, the report said.

Closed information

United Russia is not enough informed voters about the primaries, written by experts. As a result of lack of information the majority of voters believed that taking part in “real” elections.

Preliminary voting results at the regional level were published very irregularly, experts say. For example, at the time of writing, the Kaliningrad and Tver regions, the official results of the primaries so far not been published. At the municipal level, none of the observed regions had no information even about the members voting. Only three of the 16 observed “Voice” of regions, voters received enough information about the regional and local primaries, concluded the experts. At the Federal level, party primaries, by contrast, were in the nature of openness.

Drew officials

The whole atmosphere of a single day of early voting “United Russia” on may 22 as much as possible like a “real” election, describing the report’s authors. In some regions, on the same day took place the election of municipal authorities.

For the primaries 30 25 observed regions, United Russia used the equipment of the electoral commissions. About the terms of use (hire or free use) photos. The voting took place in the buildings of kindergartens, schools and even in the premises of the municipal administrations (in the Vladimir region counting stations were opened in the offices of the administration Pekinskogo Klyazma and rural settlements). In the law there is uncertainty about the use of premises of educational institutions, political parties, experts say. But the law on political parties shall ensure equal access of all political parties in state and municipal ownership, the report says. The terms of the lease also never reported, pay attention to Golove”.

The organization and conduct of the primaries of United Russia, as well as to participate in election campaigns massively and widely involved state and municipal officials, state and municipal officials, the report. “The voice” has recorded similar facts in 20 of the 35 observed regions. The official cannot use his official position in interests of political parties and to create in the state bodies of the party structure, emphasize human rights activists.

At least 22 of the 35 observed regions to the coverage of the primaries was involved state and municipal media. Obviously, this was done “without the use of administrative resources,” write the report’s authors. In some regions, official e-resources of regional and local administrations have posted information about the candidates in the primaries and calls to vote for them.

Observed in 20 of the 35 regions of the defenders noticed the cases of administrative compulsion to vote for municipal and civil servants, state employees, students and industrial workers. In the same number of regions “the Voice” recorded the falsification of turnout and voting results. In 15 regions human rights activists have recorded bribery of voters, organization of lotteries close to the enumeration areas, ballot box stuffing, violation of secrecy of voting and multiple voting. In the course of polling day “were shown almost the entire range of possible abuses and violations of election procedures, which casts doubt on the compliance with the formal outcome of the primaries to the real will of the citizens who participated in the primaries as electors”.

Experts of the “Voice” studied primaries of the two parties, but only the “United Russia” there is the possibility of use of administrative resources, explains one of the authors of the report Vitaly Averin. The authors note that the primaries were also held at the party “green Alliance”, but they will end only on June 16.

We need a law

Primaries “United Russia”, held on may 22, and the primaries PARNASSUS, actually ripped off may 29, aggravated the majority of previously identified issues and discredited the very idea of early voting in the eyes of the participants, and among voters, conclude the authors of the study.

One of the main causes of the many problems is the lack of the concept of “primaries” in the Russian laws on elections. It could be perceived as a kind of indulgence in the use of such methods of electioneering and campaigning that “real” elections invalid, experts suggest. “The voice” calls to regulate primaries at the legislative level.

For “United Russia” is the first experience of conducting such large-scale pre-open the voting, said Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Olga batalina.

“We’re going to make the primaries as open, competitive and legitimate. It’s not easy, of course, there were distortions in the regions and individual errors. We tried them promptly stop. But except our party, no other serious political force did not dare to openly consult with people in choosing their future candidates,” — said batalina. She notes that, according to a recent poll, 32% participated in the primaries believe that they were absolutely fair, 27% noticed a small breach. It would be right to prescribe the basic rules and principles of early voting in the electoral legislation, said batalina.