Anatoly Wasserman suggested to go to the state Duma from “Fair Russia”

The candidate for the West

“Fair Russia” carries on negotiations with known to participate in the intellectual game journalist and political consultant Anatoly Wasserman about his inclusion in your list in the elections of the state Duma in September of this year. This was said on condition of anonymity, two socialist-revolutionaries. A source close to the Kremlin, have also heard this information.

Mr. Wasserman said that is in talks with several parties, but declined to name them. “That party, with which negotiations are under way, in the event of a positive outcome itself will tell,” he said. The representative of the leader of just Russia Sergei Mironov said that before the party Congress (scheduled for June 27), the head of “Fair Russia” does not comment on possible candidates.

By prior arrangement to run Wasserman will be in Moscow say all sides. Until this year he was a citizen of Ukraine, but in January Vladimir Putin has granted him Russian citizenship. Offer him some Russian region except Moscow, it would be illogical, says the source in “Fair Russia”. According to him, in the capital of the Wasserman will be able to lead one of the territorial groups (a list of parties in the Duma elections are divided into groups). Moscow will be three groups – Northern, southern and Western, and Wasserman can lead West, says Eser.

Wasserman has already dabbled in politics: in 1994, he tried to win in one of the constituencies in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Then he was defeated.

After receiving Russian citizenship, he has given inconsistent statements about his political ambitions. In early February, the Agency TASS has reported the words of Wasserman, which showed that he does not exclude that in the future I will try to get elected to the state Duma. After a few hours he explained to the publication Life that a misunderstanding had occurred and that the next election does not intend to participate, and we can talk only about the next election cycle. Have

in March, Wasserman said on the air “Radio Baltika”, which had received a proposal from several parties to enter into their list, but before deciding I would like to consult with those who “filed the petition on awarding” him Russian citizenship (this made national Media Group). What about the parties in question – Wasserman did not elaborate, but in previous interviews told that he was impressed by the joint agricultural and industrial party (its leader is a former Vice-President of Russia Alexander Rutskoi).

Aid from Stalin

Wasserman has attracted attention for his views. In one interview he called himself a “Stalinist”, talked about the successes of the Soviet leadership during the collectivization and industrialization, and argued that the famine in Ukraine in the 1930s was not caused by the Central leadership of the USSR.

After the start of the conflict in Ukraine, he predicted that this country till 2020 will be part of Russia. Wasserman called himself an atheist, supported a ban on adoptions of children by homosexual couples and criticized the member of “Fair Russia” Elena Mizulina for the initiative on the prohibition of the Mat in the Internet.

Wasserman interesting parties of the left-Patriotic wing, especially the “Fair Russia”, which tries to solve the problem of a rating in Moscow, which reduced in 2011 and shortages in the list of opinion leaders with high visibility, says the Director of research Fund ISSI Alexander Pozhalov.

“In Moscow “Fair Russia” recognizable and popular city-wide level only Galina Khovanskaya, who will lead the North group and will be the favorite in their single-member districts. The chances of other Moscow groups to list the mandate is open to question, not the fact that their constituent politics in General will be able to pass in the state Duma: – through may well be the only place in the group Khovanskaya, and the remaining seats will go to the regions”, – says the expert.

“Fair Russia” is on the verge of passage to the state Duma (need to score 5%), from surveys of various sociological services. According to VTSIOM, in June, she was ready to vote 5% of voters. Among the respondents “Levada-center” to support the socialist-revolutionaries at the end of may had intended to only 4%.