Bi-bi-si suspected the President of the IAAF in an unfair fight for the post

President of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF), Sebastian CoE won last year’s election of the organization through a former adviser to the IAAF, is implicated in a doping scandal. About it reports on Thursday, “bi-Bi-si” referring to text messages and emails, which was able to see.

We are talking about the former IAAF consultant and son of the former President of the organization Pope Massat the Deacon, who is currently wanted by Interpol. It was he who, as follows from the data “Bi-bi-si” have helped ensure that the voices of African federations for the election of CoE for the presidency of the Association.

In addition, CoE was able to mislead the special Committee of the British Parliament about the information about when he first learned about doping scandal and corruption in athletics.

Sam CoE denies any suspicions in his address, said “bi-Bi-si”.

From text messages and e-mails between Sexton, Jr., CoE and press officer of the IAAF, Nick Davies, that he’s really helped CoE at the time of nomination for the post of President of the Association, said “bi-Bi-si” and publish some excerpts from their correspondence.

CoE became President of the IAAF in August last year in the midst of the doping scandal in athletics. A few weeks after his election, his predecessor — Senegalese Lamine Diack was arrested and a warrant was issued for the arrest of his son, the IAAF marketing consultant Papa Massata Diack. Lamine Diack accused that he took a bribe from the all-Russian athletics Federation for concealing information about violations of doping rules by Russian athletes.

Accusations against CoE’s involvement in the corruption scandal were not made, said “bi-Bi-si”. Since 2003, CoE was a member of the IAAF Council and in 2007 was his Vice President.

The IAAF has published on its website a statement which says that the deacon did not help CoE to win the election. “The assumption that the CoE actively seek advice Dad Massata Diack on the occasion of his presidential campaign, is incorrect. As in any campaign, a lot of people offer advice – whether they are necessary or not, some useful, some not. And you try to be polite, but cautious. So was the case with Mr. Deacon,” — said in the message.