British MP died after the attack during a meeting with voters

Joe Cox suffered gunshot and stab wounds during a meeting with voters in Birstall near Leeds in the North of England. In critical condition a 41-year-old politician was taken to hospital, reported the Financial Times, but she later died, according to the Agency Reuters with reference to the head of the local police.

After the attack had been detained 52-the summer man, the newspaper writes, with reference to the police. According to the FT, during the incident slightly injured another man.

Newspaper the Manchester Evening News reported that detained for assault the man’s name is Tommy (Tommy Mair). According to witnesses, before the attack on the Deputy he shouted, “First Britain,” the newspaper writes.

Two of the official campaign, campaigning for a British exit from the European Union and against it, was suspended after the attack on the policy. Prime Minister David Cameron has canceled a planned visit to Gibraltar.

Cox is a strong supporter of save Britain’s membership in the European Union, says the Manchester Evening News. She also was an Advisor to the wife of former British Prime Minister Gordon brown.

June 23 in the UK held a referendum on the country’s membership in the EU.