Gref made wide-ranging reforms after 2018

The head of Sberbank German Gref said in an interview that large-scale reforms in Russia will begin after 2018. The first steps, according to Gref, can be made in 2016.

“I am an optimist, I believe that the reform will probably begin. This year and next year. It will not only training, but also the beginning of these reforms. Well, I think that such a large-scale reform is likely possible, starting in 2018.”, — said Gref, answering the question, will the Russian authorities to make decisive steps in terms of reforms until 2018.

According to Gref, among officials and businessmen there is a consensus that the authorities should speed up the adoption of important decisions.

“I often discuss these issues with colleagues, businessmen, and Ministers. And I would not say that someone has a rejection. Today there is consensus about the fact that we need to accelerate the reform of government, and structural reforms”, — said Gref.

He noted the complexity of the set of reforms that will take and what they should be integrated.

“There is an understanding that the set of reforms that we have to do it very difficult. And reforms that give out real results, they must be integrated. And now to decide on these reforms and they are well prepare — that is, probably, what is now typical for current time”, — said the head of Sberbank.

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According to him, the development of understanding of the process says that was a special group was created within the Supreme economic Council of the President, updated headed by Alexei Kudrin, CSR, began a new discussion on the subject of the order in which to make reforms and which are the most important.

Gref also said that the Russian economy needs to grow primarily by increasing investment activity, which is only possible in a favorable investment climate.

“With all this we now have problems. This suggests that, perhaps, it is hard to expect a high level of investment without addressing all of these barriers and many others. So, of course, today all efforts must focus on how to create the most favorable investment climate. And this, of course, can compact and efficient government”, — said Gref.

To make the state apparatus compact at the end of last year, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, “the device has the property of elasticity, and if you do not follow the size of it to expand for quite objective reasons.”