In Chechnya prematurely dissolved Parliament

The Parliament of the Chechen Republic took a decision on early dissolution. This was reported in Instagram acting head of the Republic of Raman Kadyrov. To the post, he made a video of the meeting of the Chechen Parliament.

He explained that the deputies themselves brought in the agenda this question. “For the purpose of economy of budgetary funds, the Parliament voted in favor of the combination in the September 2016 elections of the Head of the Chechen Republic and of the legislative authority,” explained Kadyrov, noting that thanked the MPs for their work in the name of the Republic and the country.

Regular elections to the Chechen Parliament was to be held in September 2018. 18 September 2016 in Chechnya, in addition to the election of the state Duma, will choose the head of the Republic to Kadyrov acting President of Chechnya.