Iran filed in international court against the USA for refusing to return $2 billion

Iran has submitted to the international court of justice in the Hague a lawsuit against the U.S. to back $2 billion of frozen assets. About this on air of the Iranian television announced the President of the Republic Hassan Rouhani, Reuters reports.

In the lawsuit, the Iranian authorities demanded the condemnation of the antiiranian actions, as well as compensation of Washington for damages.

On 12 June about the intention of Tehran to address the international court of justice with a claim to the United States said the head of Ministry of foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif. “We will show the world how Americans break the law,” he said in his speech to Parliament in Tehran.

In April of this year, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that $2 billion should go on payments to the families of the victims of the bombings in Beirut in 1983, and other attacks. Then, Zarif has sent a letter to UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon in which he stressed that “Tehran reserves the right to retaliate” at the decision of the American authorities.

In 2012, the U.S. Congress passed a law that required Citibank to send the frozen Iranian assets to families of those killed in the Beirut attack. However, the Iranian authorities have repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack.