Media reported about the exposure of a Russian spy in Madrid

As it became known edition of Politico from sources in the European intelligence services, for almost 20 years, the Russian intelligence, the SVR Sergey Cherepanov was the scout-illegal immigrant in Madrid. Cherepanov worked under the name Henry Frith, business consultant, representing a company specializing in “socio-economic research”, says the publication.

According to legend, the Frith was born in 1957 in Ecuador, his mother was a citizen of Ecuador, and the father of a New Zealand citizen (this is what Cherepanov explained Spanish friends your slight accent). However, in reality, according to Western intelligence services consulted by Politico, Cherepanov was born in 1955 in Russia, while in Russia he had a wife, Olga K. Cherepanova, and his son. All the years that he spent in Spain, he worked for Russian foreign intelligence.

Politico notes that Cherepanov was the first scout-illegal immigrant (that is a scout, living abroad under a false name with a false biography), opened in Europe since the cold war.

According to an unnamed former head of a European intelligence agencies, the number of Russian spies from that time, as relations between Russia and the EU escalated, doubled. It is the desire to attract public attention to a sharp increase in espionage activities of Moscow’s Politico explains the decision of the European intelligence agencies to make the case Cherepanov public.

Politico talked to a friend and business partner of Frith-Cherepanov, Carlos Moreno Rodriguez, who said he met Frith in Madrid in the mid-1990s years — they were introduced by a mutual friend. Frita permission to work in Spain expired, and that Frith was able to stay in the country, Moreno had agreed to help him to register a consulting company Consultores Frimor, called by the first letters of the names of business partners.

In the course of their work in Frimor Consultores, Frith very often went to the “foreign business trips”, says Moreno. The business did not bring much income, according to Moreno, the Frit even had to invest his money which he kept in a Bank Santander. Sometimes Frith asked Moreno for help — for example that it took him “brokerage or analytical reports on pipelines in Eastern Europe.”

June 28, 2010, the day after the FBI arrested 10 Russian spies, illegal immigrants in the United States (including Andrei Bezrukov and Anna Chapman), the Frith-Cherepanovo called British intelligence officer who tried to recruit him, according to transcript of their telephone conversation, which was read Politico. “Your life is in my hands. You are in a very difficult situation, if we don’t speak now, I think you will have big problems in Spain,” said Frith British intelligence officer. He told Frith that he knows that he works for Russia, however, says in response, denied it. The source frita threatened that will come to him “the police, the authorities, and his whole life is in ruins”. The next day, Frith asked Valdezate Alejandro Sanchez, the son of an elderly woman, with whom he lived in Spain, to take him to the airport of Madrid, and then disappeared.

Sources in the European intelligence agencies claim that Cherepanov was revealed thanks to the same information that helped solve 10 scouts-illegal immigrants in the United States in the summer of 2010. In Russia in connection with the case of disclosure of intelligence-illegals for 25 years was sentenced the Colonel of service of external investigation Alexander Pot, which in 2010 went from Russia to the United States. Pot was convicted of treason and desertion.

The sides Politico claim that intelligence agencies were investigating the case of Frit-Cherepanov. It turned out that the name “Henry Frith” was really the name of the deceased in 1937, the new Zealand boy it was chosen for agent employee of the Russian Embassy in New Zealand. The relationship with Moscow Frith held indirectly through agents whom he met abroad — as a rule, close to the Spanish countries. Their reports to Moscow, he wrote on a specially protected laptop and stored on a special flash card.

The scale of the damage that intelligence work Cherepanov could bring the security of Western States remains unclear, notes Politico.

Source Politico claims that in Europe, work from 10 to 15 scouts-illegal immigrants who “pretend to be French, British, Germans, Italians.” “However, the exact number of course, we don’t know”, — concluded the interlocutor of the edition.