MIA has recorded a sharp increase in the number of terrorist crimes

The number of terrorist crimes registered in Russia in the first five months of 2016, grew by more than half compared to the previous reporting period, the official statistics of the Ministry of interior, published on the Agency’s website. In total police recorded 1035 terrorist crimes (664 over the same period in 2015).

The figure for January — may is comparable or significantly exceeds the data that was received in the Ministry on the results of previous years. So, in 2011, such crimes were identified 622 in 2012 to 637 in 2013 – 661. A noticeable growth of terrorist crimes is observed in the last few years: in 2014, the number of such violations of the law for the first time exceeded a thousand, and at year-end amounted to 1128. For the full year 2015 was revealed 1538 terrorist crimes, according to the statistics of the police.

The number of terrorist crimes is increasing stronger than the other crime indicators. For example, in 2015, the highest growth rate was recorded for this indicator. The Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Alexander Hinstein in conversation with explained that this is due to the increased fight against militants of the banned in Russia “Islamic state”.

By the end of 2016 the number of such crimes could set a record and exceed 2 thousand registered cases, said the source in law enforcement bodies.

The growth of this indicator can be linked to the fact that on the expanded Board of the law enforcement bodies have put exactly this problem — to strengthen the fight against terrorism, says scientific Director of the Institute of problems of law enforcement Vadim Volkov.

On the need to strengthen the fight against terrorism, President Vladimir Putin spoke on the Board of the interior Ministry and the FSB. “It is important to securely close the territory of Russia from the infiltration of militants from the Middle East and from other regions to quickly identify and neutralize those who are involved in terrorist activities abroad,” — said Putin. According to him, law enforcement authorities keep the 3.4 thousand people who went abroad to participate in armed conflicts in 1793 initiated against them criminal cases.

In January, the adviser of the Chairman of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAK) Andrey Przhezdomsky told me that in Russia the proceedings were brought 832 militants, including 22 recruiter who returned from abroad. The representative of the NAC added that in 2015 the security services failed to prevent the departure of 100 people in Iraq and Syria, who were going to join the militants.

In total, the list involved in extremist activity or terrorism, Rosfinmonitoring included 6565 individuals and legal entities in Russia and abroad.