Responsibility for hacking the networks of the Democratic party took the hacker alone

A hacker under the name Guccifer 2.0 announced their responsibility for hacking the networks of the national Committee of the US Democratic party. He said this in a blog on WordPress, as evidence published copies of some of the stolen documents, reports Reuters.

So, one of the documents has the heading of “Report on Donald Trump”. It is dated 19 Dec. In addition, the blog posted a table that contains information about the sponsors of the party. Reuters could not confirm the authenticity of these documents. The blog States that “thousands of files and letters” will soon be published on the website WikiLeaks.

Earlier, sources in the Committee, Democrats and experts on computer security said the hacking involved hackers associated with the Russian government. The attackers gained access to the database for the study on the candidate in presidents from Republicans Donald Trump, as well as correspondence and instant messengers used by the Committee members.

Company CrowdStrike, which worked to fix the problem, said that the network has penetrated groupings and Cozy Bear Fancy Bear. First got access to the system last summer and monitored the correspondence of the Committee. Fancy Bear hacked into the network in April to gain access to the study on the Trump.

CrowdStrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovich believed that Fancy Bear works for the GRU and Cozy Bear are probably on the FSB, but stressed that this is not certain. At CrowdStrike also promised to verify the authenticity of the documents that Guccifer posted a 2.0.

In the Kremlin any involvement in the hacking of networks, Democrats denied. “I completely rule out the possibility that the [Russian] government or government institutions were involved in this”, — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

In turn Donald trump on Wednesday suggested that the network Committee of the Democratic party were not even attacked. “We believe that the Democratic party was hacked itself in order to distract attention from other issues facing their candidate and party leader [Hillary Clinton],” said trump (quote from CNN News). He also expressed regret that the Democrats “is not broke” 33 thousand deleted e-mails, Clinton.